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I know buying a used car is a risky business even when buying from what you believe to be is a reputable company or franchised dealer.

After 30 years in the motor trade selling used cars, I have come across many dubious sellers. Not only in the trade but private sellers too. So in 2016 I set about trying to highlight some of these cars to help honest garages and honest consumers from rogue sellers.

Since then, I have contacted licensing councils throughout the UK & created the UK’s first ever database of previously licensed Taxi/Private Hire/Uber vehicles.

Today the database not only holds taxi information but we’ve now grown it to include ex police, fire, MOD, NHS fast response cars, Highways vehicles etc.

Allowing buyers to check over 7 million records, to put this figure in to perspective 7.5 million used cars were sold in 2021…

I’m still on my journey to help honest sellers and buyers.

As with any fresh new idea there are people who for commercially driven reasons try to emulate a product. Competition is healthy and Ex taxi data is no different. In fact, we recently were compared with one of these companies and we found 50% more ex-taxis so be careful on who you rely on for information.

If you’re a seller or even a buyer, this discrepancy could leave you out of pocket or even in court. As a business we’ve grown to be the best at one thing – vehicle usage data.

Vehicle Ancestry Ltd has grown since 2016 to be the biggest supplier of ex taxi data in the UK. By the end of 2023 we aim to be checking more than 1 million registration numbers every month. Our continued growth is due to the passion for excellence in product delivery and content; supported by the vision and forward thinking of our partners.

Moving on I look forward to building future partnerships with those people & companies wanting to be “Best in class” and deliver the best possible data to consumers and the motor industry.

Anything else just isn’t Vehicle Ancestry…

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


David Agnew

Owner/Director – Vehicle Ancestry Ltd

Vehicle Ancestry undertakes more vehicle usage  registration checks than anyone else… well on our way to 1 million searches per month

Not bad when you think that only a few years ago the vast majority of these cars were being sold undeclared.

What the dealers should but (some) won’t tell you?

The law says that a motor trader should willing divulge the previous use of a car, however when the trade devalues an ex taxi & ex police car by approximately 17%, there’s good reason to withhold the information.

Just because you are buying a vehicle on a manufacturer approved used car scheme does not stop you from buying an ex Uber car that was used to transport drunken party goers on a weekend.

BMW approved

Mercedes approved 

Toyota approved 

Be Careful when you read these types of review as they are not written by motor trade professionals with automotive  retail experience. The majority will be written by journalists to fill a page (helps SEO) and a missunderstanding misguided beleif that a 150 point check is fantastic.

Just look at the links below!

Channel 4 Dispatches 2022 

Facebook group who post accident-damaged cars, some of these are sold by main dealers.